The digital solution for adjusting the load and the training programs

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Based on a proven
scientific method

The My Coach Company provides digital support solutions for sport. Based on the RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion), a scientifically proven method in the sports world, My Coach RPE offers a way to measure the external training load of athletes (volume, intensity and frequency of workouts, density of the work) as well as internal training load (physiological or psychological stress) in a simplified manner.

With this new generation monitoring tool, the fitness coach can reduce the gap between their perception of the training and the athlete’s perception of it so that they can move towards the ideal workout.

My Coach RPE therefore allows the performance of the athlete to be guided via a digital interface, a factual dashboard with one click real-time access to the psychological and physical condition of an athlete in order to anticipate lapses in regime, adapt the training programs, optimise recovery time and prevent injuries.

A simple and scalable application
to aid performance

The fitness coach has a My Coach RPE dashboard, customisable to the colours of their club or team, available on Smartphone and tablet. This dashboard presents the personal data of athletes, calendars, workouts, their themes and periods, and cross statistics. The My Coach RPE application is also configurable. The trainer can adjust the indicators at any time (changes in the questionnaire, modification in the scale of results, adaptation to the languages spoken by the players, etc.) to obtain a tool ideally suited to their needs.

The athlete, before and after training, answers a short questionnaire that is validated in less than a minute in their native language from their Smartphone, tablet or terminals made available by the clubs. Each has a secure access code that guarantees the confidentiality of the information. By obliging the athlete to communicate the reality of their physical and moral condition, My Coach RPE makes them aware of their responsibilities.

The information collected, synchronised and saved daily is reflected on the dashboard, giving the trainer the opportunity to better use the data (GPS, cardio, etc.) and allowing them to understand the physical and psychological form of each athlete, to identify the individual and collective strengths and weaknesses and to adapt subsequent workouts.

The educational, enjoyable and easy to use interface ensures the trainer of the mass participation of the athletes, and for the athlete a personalised approach.


Developed in partnership with leading experts

The My Coach RPE application has been developed in partnership with two fitness coaching experts: Nicolas Dyon and Alexandre Dellal, who both exercise their profession in the football world.

Dyon, former France Ligue 1 fitness coach (Saint-Etienne / Nice / Rennes) and ex-fitness coach of the Qatar national team, is currently fitness coach for Grasshopper Club Zürich in Switzerland. He is the author of books and DVDs giving fitness advice. His latest DVD is titled “Les blessures musculaires aux ischios jambiers en football: méthode de prévention” (Hamstring injuries in football: method of prevention).

Dellal, after various experiences abroad, began at the top level alongside Vahid Halilhodzic. From 2005 to 2010, he attended to the physical preparation of teams trained by the former Parisian, with the Ivory Coast national team before returning to a French team: Olympique Lyonnais. Since 2012 he has been the assistant coach in charge of fitness for OGC Nice. He has also written several books on fitness and at a high level including “Une saison de préparation physique en football” (A season of fitness coaching in football).

Both experts agreed to provide all their knowledge and expertise to My Coach RPE to promote the development of a fully optimised tool aimed at all fitness coaches. A tool that will enable professionals to know, simply and quickly, the physical and psychological state of their athletes according to their experience to measure and plan the workload imposed on them.