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My Coach RPE
or how to optimise
the performance
of athletes

Based on the RPE method (Rate of Perceived Exertion), a scientifically recognised questioning methodology, My Coach RPE offers a digital adaptation that simplifies and enhances its implementation in daily practice. My Coach RPE is, in effect, an easy and fast analytical application, ensuring effective communication between the fitness coach and the members of their team.

Customised wellness questionnaires, Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) by athletes, quantification of individual workload (workload and work units), statistics and summary dashboards, the My Coach RPE software stands out for its simplicity and its speed of collection and delivery of information. It is a significant aid in the pre-training decision process (who does what? At what intensity? For how long?).

Designed at the request of and for professional sports trainers, My Coach RPE adds real added value for staff that do not yet have such a tool.

An intuitive and unifying
training load solution

Fitness coaches

With My Coach RPE, you have a simple digital solution with real-time synchronised information which allows you to control the performance of the athlete through a series of useful wellness indicators (quality of sleep, physical fitness, the location of pain, level of stress, etc.), that go beyond a mere statistical approach.
You collect vital information that will help you prevent injury and prepare suitable training that takes into account all these parameters.
My Coach RPE helps you adopt better solutions every day.


The “athlete” interface, available on smartphones and tablets, is enjoyable, intuitive and very easy to use. You can use it in the language of your choice. It takes a few seconds to answer two questionnaires prepared in advance by your fitness coach (pre-training and post-training surveys). All data entered is strictly confidential. Only your trainer has access. The personal information you deliver (on your health, your mood, your feelings, etc.), will be used to assess the workload you can withstand and to adapt your workout to the day’s session and those that follow.

They trust us

Alexandre DELLAL
Football > Fitness coach
Alexandre Dellal
" Ultimately, we all became dependent to My Coach RPE. "
My Coach RPE is a tool that has become essential to me both before and after training. Players take a few seconds when they arrive in the dressing roo...
Nicolas Dyon
Football > Fitness coach, former fitness coach : St-Etienne / Nice / Rennes, former fitness coach Qatar national team
Nicolas Dyon
" It develops the player's ability to think about his body, his performance, his workout intensity... "
For me, My Coach RPE is the virtual assistant to the fitness coach par excellence. Several parameters are crucial: the collection of data on my player...
Mattia Garonne
Football > Physical trainer
" At Lausanne, we are very happy with the usage of the software, both on staff’s and players’ sides. "
On staff's side: We do not use paper documents anymore, just My Coach RPE, which is very comprehensive and efficient to plan the workloads, monitor pl...

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